More Bread

This is my quest to get MORE BREAD (ie money), get rid of debt and other random things in my life.

Friday, January 05, 2007


It's 2007. I have had my last champagne toast. At least for awhile. I've made my resolutions. I've set my goals. I've had two beers for dinner and am ready for a nap. All this applies to me. My main financial goal is to get rid of the credit card debt, now up to almost $9k, mostly due to a few end of year membership renewals, that are reimbursable to work, but when I get that fat reimbursement check, it's hard not to spend it on other stuff, like food. Anyways, applying most, if not all, of these checks to debt is my goal for 2007. yeah for a new year. Hope everyone is doing well.