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Monday, October 02, 2006

Save on Gas

Here's some ways to save on gas. Most are common sense. The Tuesday-Wednesday thing I did not know about. Thanks to Freemoneyfinance for posting.
  • Lose the roof rack. Unless you often carry skis or luggage, it's only hurting your aerodynamics—and wasting fuel.

  • Back off the "bling." Oversized tires, brush guards and other showy add-ons add weight, reduce aerodynamic efficiency and steal mileage.

  • Gas prices usually are at their lowest at midday Tuesday and on Wednesday morning. Avoid filling up on weekends and during a big holiday, when lots of folks are traveling.

  • Find the busiest gas stations. They're often the least expensive, and they're more likely to have fresh fuel, free of contaminants.

  • Avoid gas stations on toll roads and off the side of a freeway, where they can stick you with a stiff premium.


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