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Monday, September 11, 2006

Saving Money

Found a website called the dollar stretcher ( Interesting collection of articles but there are lots of ads on the site. Found an article about 10 ways to save money. You can read it here. It suggests getting rid of stuff you don't need (ie cable, landline phone, mag. subscriptions, etc.) I do most of that already.

Here's a brief look into my life. We get the basic basic cable which is channels 2 thru 31 for about $13 a month. We don't have Tivo, since there's not that much on the channels we get. We haven't had a landline for six months since the only person calling me were telemarketers, my mom and a guy in prison (seriously). We try to eat in most of the week. We are systematically inviting our friends over for dinner, mostly to force ourselves to not go out. The only subscriptions we have are to Reader's Digest and the Financial Times; RD was a birthday gift from my grandparents and the FT is something I can't live without, and actually read every day. Our only true splurge is the high-speed Internet. Never considered getting rid of it and am not going to now, so don't ask.


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