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Friday, September 08, 2006

Free TV Episode premiered it's movie/tv distribution system called amazonUnbox yesterday. You have to download their video player. It looks like once you download movies/tv shows you can transfer them to other devices. I haven't tried this yet as the free (more about that later) episode of Ink I'm downloading isn't finished. I chose Ink because I've never seen it and it looked interesting. Once it is completely downloaded, I plan to put it on my iPod. Downloading a 43 minute tv episode is taking about two hours. Therefore I'm assuming a full two hour movie will download in 4+ hours. I'm anxious to see if the quality of the download.

Ok, now for the free part. Amazon is giving a $1.99 rebate on any purchase of a tv episode or movie. Movies cost about $9.99 but tv episodes cost $1.99. Therefore, if you find a show you like, you can get a free episode. The rebate is instantaneous. Restrictions apply.

Update: Two hours to downlaod the episode. The image quality is great. Apparently a video iPod is not copmliant with Unbox. Bummer. The show was just ok.


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