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Thursday, September 07, 2006

About Me

I realized I haven't really said much about who I am. I live in Seattle, I've been married for a little over a year, am employed full-time, recently graduated from a local university (in 2004) and have over $30,000 in debt. Most of that is from school loans but there is some credit card debt ($6k) in there as well. In a later post, I'll break it out for everyone as well as describe my plan(s) to get rid of it. My goal is to have all of the cc debt paid off in 6 months. This is pretty aggressive, about a grand a month. With sacrifice I beleive we can make it happen. Unfortunately, my wife and I are good about passing up on some things but bad about over-indulging in others, like my near-obession with Prost. Maybe I'll dedicate a whole post to Prost and all its greatness later. We don't have any kids yet, maybe in a few years, but we do have a cat. That's all for now.


At 10/10/2006 6:49 PM, Anonymous Medicated Money said...

Hey MB,

Just found your site through the NCN Network!

Congrats on starting the blog, and good luck on your goal of paying off the CC debt.

We look forward to reading more in the future!


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